Since 1989 the Little House Society has had the responsibility of overseeing the house located on 12th avenue that was used as a meeting place for addictions and related recovery groups. Starting in 2016, the Little House Society began offering clinical services in addition to hosting self-help groups.

In addition to education provided to the community via physical and digital means, the South Delta Little House Society offers a variety of individual and group counselling services. Learn more about these services below, in our Q & A format. 

How does counselling work at the South Delta Little House—
is it free?

Most of our one-on-one clinical counselling sessions are free. The City of Delta has provided funding for this service, which means that all those who reside in Delta or are hired by the municipality can get six free sessions. If you would like to continue beyond that, ask your counsellor about your options.

Do you provide continuing care?

Yes! Reaching your abstinence goals, whether as an outpatient here at the South Delta Little House, or as an inpatient at a different treatment centre does not mean that you are suddenly left alone, without support. We are here to help—whether that is in the form of booster sessions, continuing with one of our groups, or reaching out to have a monitor on board (someone who take regular urine samples to help you maintain your sobriety).

Do I need to see a counsellor to learn about the groups at the Little House?

If you want general information about the groups we offer, a brochure is available online or you can pick up a paper copy from the South Delta Little House. We also have brochures for each of our groups. However, some groups are closed, meaning that you need to meet with our counsellor to assess your fit for the group.

Are all of your groups offered all of the time?

Although the SMART Recovery group is free and ongoing on a drop-in basis, our other groups are offered only during specific times throughout the year, are limited in duration, and are closed (i.e., once the group starts, no new members are accepted). Also, these closed groups tend to have costs associated with them.

I know where I want to go for treatment and just need a referral—can you help?

Not a problem. Our counsellor would be more than happy to help you with your referral or to work with you to find an appropriate detox, daytox, or treatment centre.