Since 1989, Little House Alcohol & Drug Addiction Recovery Society has overseen the house located on 12th Avenue, used as a meeting place for 12-Step and related recovery group meetings. Our in-house Counsellor, Debbi McKenzie, provides individual and family counselling services.

Learn more about our services below. 

How does counselling work at Little House — is it free?

The City of Delta provides funding for six free counselling session to all residents of Delta and employees of the municipality. If you would like to continue after your sixth session, please discuss your options with Debbi.

Do I need to see a counsellor to participate in group therapy at Little House?

If you would like general information about group therapy at Little House, please click here.

Are group RECOVERY MEETINGS offered all of the time?

12-Step group recovery meetings are held daily - for a group recovery meeting schedule click here. SMART Recovery meetings are held *Monday evenings at 6:00 pm. There is no charge to attend 12-Step or SMART Recovery meetings. Workshops are offered throughout the year. Please refer to the Group Therapy page for dates, times, and costs. *New day

I NEED to go for treatment and just need a referral—can you help?

Debbi is happy to work with you to locate the best facility that meets your needs.

If your question is unanswered here, please contact us at: or call Debbi directly at 778-522-5160 (private & confidential).